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My best use of Typography

I chose this as my favorite use of typography by myself from this semester. I really like this business card because I thought it was fun to do and elephants are my favorite animal. Overall, the business cards were definitely my favorite but this is the one I chose that stood out to me.

Interesting Typography in Sharadin

For this one, we had to find an interesting use of typography in the Sharadin building. I found this example in the hallway. I thought it was really cute and fit the theme very well. The way they incorporated the fish in the lettering was a good idea. I love the movie finding nemo and this project just caught my eye.

Most Interesting Food Container

I chose to use this bag of Doritos as the most interesting food container from this week. I like the colors and font they chose to use. I also really love Doritos. The bag fits the product very well. The font works well because the white stands out on the red background.

Type as Art

I chose to use this image for an example of type as art. I found this at my house in a pile of ads. I really liked the way this Old Navy ad looked. It looks like a poster for a band. I chose it for type as art because of the way the G forms a turkey, the L forms a guitar, and the L forms a microphone.

Nov. 20th, 2009

I chose this as an example of a rebus in type. I found it in the hallway in Sharadin. The little symbol that forms the “o” in dangerous is an example of a rebus. I like the way this person included it because it makes the point they are trying to get across very obvious.

Nov. 20th, 2009

I chose this piece that I found in the hallway in Sharadin as an example of inspirational type. I really like the message behind it. My favorite part is that you can read the word poverty right side up as well as upside down. I thought that made the poster very interesting.

good type gone bad.

 I feel that this is an example of good type gone bad.  I think the font is pretty and would be nice somewhere else.  It is very random here.  I found it in a magazine on Thursday night.  I also don’t like the gradient used.  It has a rainbow effect that I find to be too much.

Good Use of Ligature

I found this ad for a movie on Thursday around 7.  I thought it was a good use of ligature because of the way the letters flow together.  It fits the ad very well.  The designer was trying to give it a creepy look and i think they were successful and that the ligatures add to it.

Bad Kerning


I found this example of bad kerning when I was eating at McDonalds.  It was on the paper on the tray.  I think it is bad kerning because the t is too far away from the a.  E and A are close but T is too far off.  

Bad Example of Typography

I took this picture of a page in a magazine on Wednesday around 11:00.  I chose to use this as an example of bad typography because, although it is creative, it is illegible and takes too long to figure out what it says.  It actually says “Whitney” but when I first saw it, I only saw jumbled lines and colors.